MSD, a partner of the VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation, has been one of the leading international companies in the healthcare sector for over 125 years. 

Its focuses on development and production of innovative medicines and vaccines, clinical trials, and partnerships in pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

The company started its operation in our country in 1992, and today, the portfolio of the Russian representative office includes 41 types of medicines, 29 of which are included in the vital and essential medicines list.  

In cooperation with Russian partners, MSD localizes the production of innovative medicines. All local pharmaceutical production sites operate in strict compliance with the GMP standards and regularly undergo the relevant inspections. Ensuring the quality and safety of medicines is in the main focus at all production stages.  

It should be noted that in Russia, MSD is the leader among international companies in terms of the number of new clinical trials. To date, over 100 trials are in progress in such therapeutic areas as oncology, infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus and preventive vaccination.  

The All-Russian GMP Conference annually expands cooperation with global companies and organizations, since the experience sharing today is one of the most important tools for the industry development. Improving the system of GxP practices in Russia and the EAEU provides for active communication at the international level. And MSD is ready for sharing the relevant data at open discussions within the framework of specialized events.  

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