The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a number of challenges to the entire economy, state and society. The year 2020 is not an easy one also for the pharmaceutical industry that found itself in the epicentre of the fight against the pandemic. In this context, the V All-Russian GMP Conference participants will pay much attention to the matters of development in these new conditions.

MSD Pharmaceuticals became the event’s General Partner.

“The current epidemiological situation has affected the economic and logistic processes,” says Timur Alkhasov, Executive Director for Business Development and Public Communications at MSD, Russia. “First of all, pharmaceutical companies had to assure uninterrupted supply of drugs so that patients could continue to receive their therapy. At MSD, we paid special attention to monitoring the supplies of medication ingredients and final dosage forms, as well as to maintaining continuous communication with the production facilities, logistic partners and distributors.”

At the 2020 GMP Conference, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry will discuss the matters of special conditions for the development, production and registration of pharmaceutical products, changes in logistics and distribution, and consolidation of the companies’ efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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