GMP Conference 2023: Main Topics of the Plenary Session                                                                

On September 27, the VIII All-Russia GMP Conference with international participation in Yekaterinburg will be opened with a plenary session on the topic “Best Approaches to Regulation of Medicines in a Multipolar World”. The event will take place in the main hall of IEC «Yekaterinburg- Expo».

In the past few years, global changes have taken place in the world, which concern many areas, including the provision of national healthcare systems with effective, high-quality and safe medicines.

The present context requires to work out optimal solutions in terms of regulation promptly. This applies not only to Russia, but also to the EAEU member countries and other states that are facing new challenges and restrictions. Therefore, the special emphasis of the plenary session will be laid on the international exchange of practices in the field of medicines regulation, taking into account the present reality.

From the Russian side, the session will be attended by representatives of competent authorities responsible for defining regulations and requirements governing the circulation of medicines.

The Russian regulatory system has gained experience in successfully responding to complex challenges to maintain the high quality of medicines, and the agenda is focused on finding ways to reduce dependence on imports and increase our own export potential.

Since economic transformations today affect the regulatory systems of many countries around the world, heads of relevant government agencies in countries such as Nicaragua and Egypt will share their experience.

In particular, Martha Reyes, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Nicaragua, will talk about the development of the National Health Regulation Authority (Autoridad Nacional de Regulación Sanitaria – ANRS). Mr. Mohammad Abdelnaiem Salem Qutb, the Head of the Department of Drug Supervision of the Arab Republic of Egypt, will present the practice of developing a national strategy for the pharmaceutical industry development aimed at supporting and ensuring the capability of the regulatory system to cope with external challenges and crises.

The event will also touch upon issues of international interaction at different levels and the opportunities for global cooperation between GMP inspectorates in terms of developing common approaches and requirements to increase mutual trust and recognition, reduce regulatory barriers and build mutually beneficial relations between countries.

The second part of the plenary session will be largely devoted to certain aspects of the functioning of the common pharmaceutical market of the EAEU member countries.

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Plenary session venue and time:

Yekaterinburg, EXPO Boulevard, 2 – International Exhibition Center «Yekaterinburg- Expo»

Main hall
Part I: 10:00 – 12:00
Part II: 12:30 – 14:00


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Binnopharm Group LLC.

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Medsintez Plant LLC, SKOPINPHARM LLC, The Pharmasyntez Group of Companies, Valenta Pharm.

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Session partners:

WERTEKS, Pharmeco Group, Nacimbio JSC, SUN Pharma, PRO.MED.CS Praha a. s.

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