Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to the City of Irkutsk, the pearl of Eastern Siberia, where the history of Pharmasyntez, a leading Russian manufacturer of socially significant medicinal drugs, had begun.

This year our company celebrates its 25th anniversary. On this special date, I would like to welcome the participants, guests and organizers of the VIIth All-Russia GMP Conference on behalf of Pharmasyntez Company.


The Conference of 2022 will focus on the issues and trends of the pharmaceutical and medical industry development in the current geopolitical environment. As is the tradition, the key discussions will be dedicated to quality assurance throughout the life cycle of the manufactured medicinal drugs, and regulatory compliance issues.

I am certain that the VIIth All-Russia GMP Conference will contribute to strengthening of the domestic pharmaceutical industry status in the global context.

I wish all the organizers, participants and guests of the Conference to have an exciting and efficient cooperation!

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