On September 8, in Irkutsk, as part of the VII All-Russia GMP Conference with International Participation, an extended master class on good manufacturing practices and GMP inspections will be held.

This format is now considered as one of the most effective tools for acquiring practical skills and enriching the knowledge base. This is especially important in the fast-growing and advanced field of pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturing quality assurance. That is why master classes, which have become an integral part of the annual GMP Conference, are very popular among representatives of pharmaceutical companies.

Leading industry experts will take part in the master class. In the current geopolitical situation, amid the initiation of certain measures to simplify the process of drug marketing authorization and batch release, it is the management of an enterprise that should pay special attention to analysing the functioning of the pharmaceutical quality system, which will be the subject of the theoretical part of the master class.

The practicals of the master class will be a game quest in which several teams – both the inspectorate and representatives of pharmaceutical companies – will take part. The teams will be offered various tasks – from funny puzzles to solving real case problems – to display knowledge of the EAEU GMP rules and analyse inconsistencies while playing. Quest tasks will be complemented with interactive elements, including gamification, multimedia cards, video questions, and other game mechanics. Pharmaceutical companies might apply this game approach to mastering GMP rules within their in-service training in the future.

You can participate in the master class in the on-site format only!

To participate in the quest, please submit an application using the link https://forms.yandex.ru/u/62c2dde6edcc29962bf91591/

Master Class partner: Russian innovative pharmaceutical company Valenta Pharm focusing on development, production and market launch of unique high-quality prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Over the six years, the GMP Conference has gained a reputation of a site for an efficient dialogue between the industry and the regulator, and has become a unifying platform for government officials and professional organizations, pharmaceutical production managers and experts in the field of good manufacturing practices (GMP). The Conference will be organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, with S-GROUP Corporate Communications being the operator.


Website of the GMP Conference: www.gosgmp.ru

Venue of the event:

279 Baikalskaya street, Baikal Business Center hotel, Irkutsk.

For participation in the GMP Conference please contact

S-GROUP Corporate Communications

+7 (495) 120-53-33


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