Roche has been a strategic partner of the All-Russia GMP Conference for several years and will be supporting the event in 2021.

Roche’s experience and expertise in science advancement in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics facilitate the development of innovative medicinal products and diagnostic tests that help patients all over the world.

The company has been operating in Russia for over 120 years. Today, the patients in our country have access to innovative medicinal products for the treatment of cancers, blood cancers and orphan diseases, haemophilia, multiple sclerosis, ophthalmological pathologies, central nervous system disorders, and severe viral infections. Integration of the pharmaceutical and diagnostic divisions allows Roche to be one of the leaders in personalised medicine and to offer targeted drug products.

Roche is actively involved in the events aimed at resolution of current issues within the pharmaceutical industry, increase of medication production quality, and regulatory improvement. The company’s key priorities are provision of equal access to proper treatment for patients and improvement of the medical care quality and availability of medical innovations within the country.

In the year 2020 that brought significant changes due to the quarantine restrictions, during the V All-Russian GMP Conference that included foreign participants, Roche representatives shared their experience with online state GMP inspections of foreign production facilities. The State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices (FSI SID & GP) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia conducted the very first video inspection of the company’s manufacturing site in Basel (Switzerland). The workshop was met with great interest in terms of both preparation to the new-format inspection and all the details of implementation thereof.

At the 2021 GMP Conference, the company’s representatives will speak at the session titled “New Elements in Regulating Drug Circulation Within the Eurasian Economic Union”, where they will share their expertise in the field of rules and distinguishing features associated with GMP inspection in the Eurasian Economic Union countries and the prospects for the development of this procedure in Russia and EAEU countries.

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