Nacimbio is the General Partner of the VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation

The Nacimbio Holding Company of the Rostec State Corporation encompasses biopharmaceutical enterprises specialising in development, production, and marketing of biological drug products, and organises the vaccine supply within all Russian regions.

The company’s key objectives include the development of its own production assets and improvement of its product portfolios, as well as organisation of technological transfer with subsequent localisation of the manufacture of biological drug products in Russia. Other activities of the holding include uninterrupted supplies of medicinal products to all regions of the country, as well as active promotion of the enterprises’ products on the domestic and foreign markets.

The holding structure unites two large biopharmaceutical enterprises: NPO Microgen and LLC FORT, the leaders in the vaccine production among Russian manufacturers.

The consolidated product portfolio of the manufacturing enterprises comprises over 220 drug products and diagnostic products, including vaccines and anatoxins, bacteriophages, serums, immunoglobulins, blood products, etc.

The company develops investment projects aimed at expanding and creating new biopharmaceutical production facilities based on existing enterprises. For instance, new manufacture of vaccines and blood plasma products is planned at the site of NPO Microgen in Perm, and a two-fold increase in the influenza vaccines production volume is planned at the facilities in Ryazan.

Nacimbio representatives were invited to participate in the VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation, where they will share their expertise.

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