The “Best Technical Director” competition is held within the framework of the VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation, which will take place on September 22-24, 2021 in a hybrid format and consists of two stages.

At the first stage, the participants underwent online testing and answered questions within a Technical Director’s competence on the topic “GMP and GEP Requirements and Expectations”. Following the testing results, 10 candidates were selected for the second competition stage.

Participants who passed to the second round presented their portfolios for open voting in the “Industry Choice” nomination.

We invite everyone to take part in the voting. Go to, find the “Competition” section to learn more about the finalists’ portfolios and vote for a person whom you consider to be the most worthy specialist. To participate in the voting, you shall get registered on the Conference website.

In the second round, the competition finalists were asked to solve case problems. Following the results, the expert jury of the competition will determine the winners.

The competition winner as well as the participants ranked second and third will be awarded with prize cups and diplomas. There is also a special award for the leader of the open voting “Industry Choice”. The award ceremony will take place on the third day of the Conference – September 24, 2021 in St. Petersburg.

The “Best Technical Director” competition aims to draw attention to the development of advanced approaches in pharmaceutical engineering, to promote implementation of the best practices of leading enterprises, and to enhance the profession prestige.

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