Gedeon Richter, a partner of the VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation, is present in more than 100 countries around the world and has unique expertise in the implementation and development of a quality system.  

65+ years of cooperation with Russia 

The company’s products have been presented in the Russian pharmaceutical market since 1954. The first representative office of Gedeon Richter was opened in Moscow in 1995. Over time, the number of the representative offices in Russia reached eight. In 2019, they merged under the legal entity Gedeon Richter Pharma LLC, thus turning into the company’s regional offices. 

Gedeon Richter is one of the first pharmaceutical companies to localize production in Russia. The plant in Yegoryevsk near Moscow was built 25 years ago. One of the project objectives was to create an advanced production facility that would comply with the GMP principles. Ensuring the highest product quality is the ruling concept in the pharmaceutical industry and an important aspect of Gedeon Richter’s business.  

Quality beyond doubt 

In 2004, the company’s plant in Yegoryevsk became the first Russian enterprise to obtain a GMP certificate. In 2017, the company passed the inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia without a single comment in the official certificate.  

The company is an expert in manufacture of both generic and original medicines. The main focuses are women’s health, central nervous diseases, cardiology and OTC medicines. At the GEDEON RICHTER-RUS plant in Russia, the company produces 23 types of medicines, 12 of which are included in the vital and essential medicines list.  

Some products are exported to the CIS and Eastern Europe.  

Gedeon Richter Is a GMP Partner 

 Gedeon Richter actively promotes the Russian pharmaceutical industry development by ensuring a continuous transfer of medicine manufacturing technologies and by developing a full-cycle production in the territory of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that technology transfer will become one of the highlights of the agenda in the upcoming GMP Conference. Representatives of regulatory authorities and business communities will share their experience in this area at special sessions.  

Representatives of Gedeon Richter believe that regular exchange of experience is the key to the industry successful development. The company regularly collaborates with the GMP Conference, contributing to promotion of the good practices system. 

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