Pharmeco GC is a Russian pharmaceutical vertically integrated group of companies operating in all the main segments of the pharmaceutical industry – scientific research and development, production and distribution of medicines, medical equipment and products. In 2021, Pharmeco GC celebrates the 20th anniversary of founding the first Group company.  

The Group includes pharmaceutical plants ZiO-Zdorovie (Podolsk) and Dobrolek (Moscow). The enterprises comply with all the latest requirements for industrial engineering and quality control (GMP). The Group is developing its own medicines.   

The distribution segment of the Group is represented by Irwin, one of the top 3 suppliers of the budget market (data of the analytical company IQVIA as of 2020 and H1 2021). The company ensures availability of modern efficient medicines, medical devices and equipment all over Russia using a modern logistics and distribution system.  

It should be noted that Pharmeco is one of the Russian pharmaceutical companies pursuing a policy of developing high technologies and supporting scientific research and development of domestic medicines. It serves the interests of patients and the country’s national goals.  

Innovation is one of the main vectors for the pharmaceutical industry development, therefore, this topic is annually discussed at the GMP Conference. The upcoming VI All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation in St. Petersburg will also raise the issues of creating and preserving intellectual resources of pharmaceutical companies as a basis for innovative development, the interdisciplinary approach for expanding the innovative and export potential of the EAEU pharmaceutical industry, regulation in the field of innovative solutions, and other topics.  

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