On September 22-24, within the framework of the St. Petersburg VI All-Russia GMP conference with international participation, a display stand of the “VR Factory” will be presented.

Virtual Factory 2.0 is a unique product representing solid drugs production immersed in virtual reality. The script for characters’ actions inside the virtual simulation consists of several parts, and each most realistically reflects the process of passing the pharmaceutical inspection of drug production for compliance with GMP requirements.
Conference participants will be able to fully experience the scale of drug production, try on the role of a real inspector, and carry out a virtual inspection of the factory for compliance with GMP standards.
The space of the virtual factory, in addition to the premises corresponding to the production process, consists of the adjacent territory and offices. Virtual Factory 2.0 will be moderated by qualified inspectors of the FSI “SID & GP” of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.
The stand not only can be used for training inspectors from scratch, but also can become a good simulator for maintaining a high level of competence of enterprise employees and functioning of the pharmaceutical quality system. In addition, using the example of Virtual Factory 2.0, students of field-specific educational institutions can get acquainted with a real production site, try on the role of a production employee, and apply the acquired knowledge into practice.
The Virtual Factory 2.0 display stand will operate during the whole Conference.

IMPORTANT! Pre-registration is required for functional testing of the Virtual Factory 2.0 display stand

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