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Technical Director is one of the key figures in ensuring that a pharmaceutical company operates in compliance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice.

To popularize modern approaches in pharmaceutical engineering, to promote the adoption of the leading enterprise experiences, as well as to enhance the prestige of the Technical Director’s work and its authority, the “Best Technical Director” competition is announced. The level of responsibility requires Technical Director to be highly experienced in personnel management, engineering systems and production equipment (including computerized models), GMP rules.


  • Technical Directors of pharmaceutical enterprises located in the Russian Federation;
  • Chief Engineers of pharmaceutical enterprises located in the Russian Federation;
  • Heads of engineering services (directorates, departments) of pharmaceutical enterprises located in the Russian Federation.

The competition will be held in several stages. The first stage is testing the participants, the second is the case study solution, the third is the publication of second rounders’ portfolios for open voting

in the Industry Choice nomination.

The term of application submission has been extended till August 23, 2021.

The awards gala will be held on September 24, 2021 as part of the business program of the VI All-Russia GMP Conference in St. Petersburg.

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