In 2020, representatives of both the EAEU member-states and other countries have been invited to take part in the conference events.

The list of important partners includes PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s., a leading Czech pharmaceutical company supplying its products to 26 countries. Mainly, it supplies its products to the Russian Federation, countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The company has its own scientific and research base and specialises in the production of final dosage forms used to treat the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The main mission of the company, as PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. sees it, is to provide patients with tested and safe drugs at a reasonable price.

The company’s modern pharmaceutical manufacturing is located in Prague. All production lines are furnished with high-tech equipment complying with high international standards, which fact is confirmed with GMP and ISO certificates. It is worth noting that PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. was one of the first foreign pharma companies to receive the Russian GMP certificate in addition to the European one. In the Russian market, the company is now represented with its drugs used in gastroenterology, cardiology, urology and neurology.

Aiming for a comprehensive cooperation with representatives of the Russian pharmaceutical community, PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. participates in specialised events. Within the V All-Russian GMP Conference, the company supports two sessions:

  1. Panel discussion Present and Future of the EAEU Countries Single Market Integration. The discussion will focus on the following topics:
  • experience of the EAEU member-states in their accession to the PIC/S;
  • correlation of Eurasian and national requirements;
  • establishment of integration mechanisms to implement the requirements of the EAEU single market;
  • pharmacopeial regulation matters;
  • harmonisation of drug registration procedures;
  • experience of drug inspections and registration in compliance with the EAEU rules.

The session will be moderated by Elena Popova, Senior Director Regulatory Affairs and Healthcare Policy at AIPM.

  1. The round table Current Trends in Global Legislation and Global Harmonisation will discuss the following matters:
  • roles and responsibilities of drug market authorisation holders from the perspective of modern GMP requirements and requirements of EU regulatory bodies (EMA);
  • principal provisions of the new draft of Annex No. 16 to the EAEU GMP;
  • approaches to and methods for studying drug stability in the EAEU legislation;
  • new European guidance on the quality of water treatment: does the EAEU guidance need an update?

Moderators of the round table discussion: Helena Grosheva, Head of the Pharmaceutical Production Licensing and Inspection Division, Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development, Minpromtorg of Russia, and Vladimir Orlov, Director of the ISPE Eurasian Affiliate.

Please see the detailed program of the sessions organised by PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. at:

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