The All-Russian GMP Conference with international participation pays special attention to the development of innovations and advanced approaches to the organisation of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment production.

Cooperation with the leading Russian and global companies allows the event participants to get acquainted with cutting-edge solutions and practical experience of their colleagues. The strategic partnership between the GMP Conference and Roche Company is based on the information exchange that facilitates the improvement of manufacturing practices and higher availability of good-quality, efficient and safe pharmaceutical products for Russian patients.

Thus, in 2020, for the first time in Russia Roche hosted the virtual GMP inspection of its own manufacturing facilities in Basel (Switzerland) by the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, Minpromtorg of Russia. This best practice will be the subject of a master class as part of the official program of the V All-Russian GMP Conference.

Roche (Basel, Switzerland) is a global innovation company operating in sphere of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics that uses cutting-edge science to improve the lives of people. Annually, Roche invests more than CHF 11 bln into R&D and is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of biotechnological pharmaceuticals used to treat oncological, autoimmune, infectious and neurological diseases.

The company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide. Standardization and harmonization in the sphere of pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distribution allows the company to guarantee the quality of its products along their entire path to the consumers.

Since 2008, Roche has been successfully cooperating with Russian companies localising its production and supporting the national pharmacological industry development strategy. The facilities of our partners are used for various production phases for 15 pharmaceutical products of Roche aimed to treat diseases of high social importance, including malignant neoplasms, oncohaematological diseases, multiple sclerosis and haemophilia.

The projects imply a transfer of production technologies for chemical and biological medicinal products, personnel training, organisation of the quality assurance system and logistics chain pursuant to the national and European GMP standards.

Roche Company is pleased to be a strategic partner of the V All-Russian GMP Conference and make its contribution in the discussion of key matters of the pharmaceutical healthcare sector development.


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