The V All-Russian GMP Conference takes pride in its longstanding partnership with leading companies. Abbott Company develops new products and technologies in such spheres as diagnostics, research, production of minimally invasive medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

Abbott is one of the largest global diversified healthcare companies operating in 160 countries. In Russia, Abbott was one of the first foreign investors when it started baby food production here more than 40 years ago. In 2014, the company acquired Veropharm Company and localized the production of pharmaceutical products based on a large-scale upgrade and technologies transfer. Nowadays, the production facilities of Veropharm in the Vladimir Region, Belgorod and Voronezh conform to the highest quality and safety standards.

In the Russian Federation, Abbott acts a strategic investor facilitating the development of the healthcare system and aiming to provide domestic patients with affordable medical innovations. Thus, for instance, in summer of 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company received a market authorisation from the Russian Federation Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in relation to a laboratory serologic test used to detect IgG antibodies that allow to determine whether a person has overcome the coronavirus infection. Using tests of this kind plays a significant role both in the research of the virus itself and in the prevention of an epidemic wave. This will help to get new knowledge, and therefore to contribute in the development of new protection measures, treatment and vaccines.

Abbott’s social focus is reflected in the company’s values. It strives to provide people with more opportunities to live an active, healthy and wholesome life. The projects implemented in this area have regularly received various rewards and prizes. Specifically, on 17 September 2020, Abbott Company received an award for the best social project in Russia at the awards ceremony of the 8th annual Best Social Projects in Russia program, one of the most important events in sphere of corporate social responsibility.


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