On September 30, the agenda of the 5th All-Russia GMP Conference with international participation will include a roundtable discussion “Continuous Production” involving a report to be delivered by Sokrat Kiridzis, the Novartis Area Manager for the Development and Regulatory Support of Anti-Cancer Medicines. Novartis partners with the GMP Conference, and its experience is important for best practice and knowledge sharing among the industry’s leading experts.

Continuous production has become an urgent issue recently. This is a best practice that enables to optimize production, and introduce pharmaceutical products of uniform quality meeting all GMP requirements.

Mr. Kiridzis’s report titled “Continuous Production in the Context of Pharmaceutical Innovations, Challenges and Opportunities of Industry/Regulations” will help to reveal the essence of critical tasks and to state possible effective solutions to be elaborated by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry in cooperation with the regulator. Being an international pharmaceutical company, Novartis actively participates in the global dialogue aimed at developing the world’s pharmaceutics.

Sokrat Kiridzis on the current challenges of continuous production: “As innovations in pharmaceutical production continue to develop, there are both opportunities and problems to be addressed, but they can help to put ideas into practice.”


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