Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, international cooperation remains a priority for the industry development. The V All-Russian GMP Conference also aims to attract partners from around the world. Apart from local manufacturing development, global pharmaceutical companies invest in the development of medical science in Russia. They are concerned about the product quality control at all stages thus promoting the best GxP practices. The event partners bringing in their international expertise include Gedeon Richter, whose products are available in more than 100 countries. All the company’s facilities producing drugs for the domestic market comply with the requirements of the Russian GMP and international GMP standards.

Gedeon Richter takes an active part in the development of the Russian pharmaceutical market. Thus, in 2017, the company was among the first participants of the Roszdravnadzor pilot project aimed to introduce individual drug labelling. In December 2019, the company launched labelling of drugs intended for the Russian market in Budapest, and in March 2020, the first batch of labelled drugs was imported into Russia. Speaking of manufacturing, the company continuously transfers the technologies for production of high-quality drugs to develop the end-to-end pharmaceutical production cycle in Russia. Under the pressing reality of the pandemic, Gedeon Richter stayed true to its principles and managed to fine tune its processes.

“For Gedeon Richter, the first priority was always to provide the patients with high-quality, safe and effective drugs,” says Natalya Volovich, Deputy Director, Head of the Registration Department, Gedeon Richter representative office (Hungary), Moscow, “and this year is not an exception. The experience we have gained over the recent months shows that the smarter and more effective the production and logistic processes a company has in place, the faster and with less losses it will adapt to new conditions. While the whole world was watching the growth of COVID-19 incidence rates, we continued to supply our pharmaceuticals for female health, cardiovascular, neurological and other diseases on time and in full. We managed to avoid disruptions during the entire isolation period.”

By being a partner of the V All-Russian GMP Conference, the company plans to share its experience and take an active part in the discussion of pressing issues of the international and Russian GMP practice.


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