On 27–29 August, the capital of Tatarstan will host the III All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation devoted to the most pressing issues of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The core subject of the 2018 conference is «Russia and the World. Management of Potential Growth of the Pharmaceutical Market.»

Harmonisation of good manufacturing practices and their recognition by international professionals are among the key objectives of the event. This year, the conference will gather about a dozen foreign regulators, including representatives of Japan, USA, Cuba, and Mexico. A representative of the European Medicines Agency will make a debut as a speaker at a regulatory conference in Russia.

The list of participants includes delegates and speakers from around the world: Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, etc. World-class experts will share their experience and discuss a variety of issues in the present-day pharmaceutical industry. Both the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical regulators will continuously foster ties and cooperation around the world, as public health worldwide is the key priority for all countries.

It is noteworthy that numerous foreign experts chose to take part in our conference despite a similar regulatory meeting held in Singapore on the same dates. This attests to the fact that the All-Russian GMP Conference with International Participation today is a legitimate competitor of international industry events in terms of its scale and content.

«All-Russian GMP Conference is the key event in the pharmaceutical market where the key industry trends are discussed, pressing issues are addressed, breakthrough ideas are frequently voiced out for the first time to be later used as the basis for the projects aimed at improving the current laws and programmes for the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. Qualifications of the conference participants enable high-quality and effective discussion of the industry development issues between regulators, associations, manufacturers and experts. It is particularly important that throughout its existence, the conference has turned into an international platform for dialogue and elaboration of uniform harmonised approaches and solutions,» said Andrey Kolesnikov, Director of Government Affairs and Market Access, Teva Russia and Eurasia. Teva became the partner of the conference.

The masterclass on GMP inspection will be among the most anticipated events of the third day of the conference. The organisers polled the market players as they prepared the master class. Along with the Russian pharmaceutical experts, the masterclass will feature representatives of foreign pharmaceutical companies, and one of them, Ms Agnes SZABO, representative of OGYÉI National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (Hungary), who will share her experience on inspection administration. Sanofi will be the partner of the masterclass. Furthermore, the list of conference speakers includes experts from the United States, and Dr Daniela Drago, The George Washington University, among them.

Partners of the III All-Russian GMP Conference:
General Partner: Valenta Pharm JSC, Strategic Partners: Gedeon Richter OJSC, Tatchempharmpreparaty JSC, Conference Partners: Astellas Pharma JSC, Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC, TEVA LLC, Session Partners: Akrikhin JSC, Amgen LLC, Bosnalijek JSC, PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s, Pharmimex JSC, Sanofi Russia JSC, Special Partners: GEROPHARM, National Immunobiological Company JSC.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Federal State Institution State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices and operated by S-GROUP Corporate Communication Centre.


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