Regulatory, International and Best Practices Day – III Russian GMP Conference will take place on 27-29 August in Kazan.

The business program of the conference is rather packed. As part of plenary sessions, panel discussions, meetings and master classes, the conference participants will discuss various issues that are emerging today in the pharmaceutical industry.

«Thanks to the general attention given to the strategically important issues of pharmaceutical market regulation, its development and growth potential, this conference will be truly far-reaching», notes Vladislav Shestakov, director of the Federal State Institution «State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices».

The first day of the conference is planned to be devoted to regulatory issues and factors of development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. On the second day, the focus will be shifted from the Russian realities to the international experience: the agenda includes issues of intercountry interactions, formation of a single market, world experience in GMP, GDP, GEP, labeling of medicines. The third day of the conference or the beast practices day will feature practical master classes by the industry’s leading experts on the topical issues dealt with by pharmaceutical manufacturers: GMP inspection, data integrity, authorized persons, production regulation using the example of radiopharmaceuticals.

Moreover, some of the activities of the business program will be held in parallel and will require separate accreditation. The meeting on pharmacovigilance, the plenary session «The Republic of Tatarstan as a region attractive for investment from the pharmaceutical industry standpoint», a joint Tatarstan-India biopharmaceutical forum, such are the events that deserve special attention in the business program of the Conference.

«Being the main platform for discussing topical issues related to the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the event offers both the opportunities given by a scientific forum in terms of expert exchange of opinions and the opportunities to build a dialogue between the state and the business community. The Republic of Tatarstan will be happy to greet as its guests the worthy representatives of the pharmaceutical community including the managers and specialists of pharmaceutical companies, relevant state bodies, professional associations and communities, experts in the field of professional development of the pharmaceutical industry personnel from Russia and abroad», says Alexei Savelchev, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The importance of the event for the industry was noted by representatives of the leading companies on the Russian pharmaceutical market, who supported the conference this year.

«The holding of the III Russian GMP Conference showing a solid approach to pursuing a comprehensive analysis of the issue allows not only to draw attention to the topic of quality, but also to develop concrete solutions. At the conference, we will all have to work intensively to analyze the domestic and international experience in the field of GMP, the possibilities for integrating such experience, to study specific aspects of legislative regulation on the pharmaceutical market and aspects related to the standardization of production”, said Anton Strekalov, the General Director of JSC Valenta Pharm.

Some companies have made their own contributions by supporting certain sessions of the Conference. For example, JSC «Akrihin» will act as partner of the session “Issues related to the rational use of resources and intercountry interaction in the field of GMP. Institute of Mutual Recognition. «Amgen» LLC supports the session «Modern Regulatory System. New Trends, Formats of Interaction», and PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. supports the session entitled «New accents in the system of regulation of the EEU countries in the context of GMP».

Representatives of the partner companies will take an active part in the conference and make presentations at various sessions. Thus, Valentina Buchneva, the head of the Eurasian Division of the pharmaceutical company JSC «Bosnalek», will take part in the session «Issues related to the rational use of resources and intercountry interaction in the field of GMP. Institute of Mutual Recognition». And JSC «Farmimeks» in its turn is supporting a master class on regulatory issues related to the production of certain groups of drugs (radiopharmaceuticals, blood products).

Prtners of the III Russian GMP Conference:

General partner: Valenta Pharm JSC; strategic partners: JSC «Gedeon Richter», JSC «Tatkhimpharmpreparaty»; partners of the conference: Astellas Pharma JSC, Takeda Pharmaceuticals LLC; partners of the sessions: JSC «Akrihin», LLC «Amgen», JSC «Bosnalek», PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s., JSC «Farmimeks»; special partners: GEROPHARM, JSC «Natsimbio».

The organizers of the event are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Federal State Institution «State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices», the conference operator is Corporate Communications Center «S-Group».

Location: Korston Business Center, Nikolaya Ershova Str., 1а, Kazan

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