Center of corporate communacations S-GROUP with support of FSI «SID AND GP» announces the contest of ideas to create the best symbol of the GMP-conference.

The future symbol of the GMP-Сonference will become a real rolling cup, which would be solemnly presented to the heads of regions in each new city of the event.

From February 26 to March 30, 2018, an open vote will be held on the website, according to which the winner of the contest for the best Conference symbol will be determined.

Guaranteed prize to the winner of the contest of ideas – iPhone X.

Details can be found in the contest regulation.

We wish good luck to the participants!


  1. To create a symbol of the GMP-Conference.
  2. To write a justification for the proposed symbol with a description of the symbol connection with GMP-Сonference.
  3. Before February 25, 2018, submit an application for participation in the contest through the registration form on the contest page

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