1. Tatarstan is a region of fertility, peace and harmony. Here you will plunge into our lifestyle with its own cuisine, music, fashion, art, architecture, ability to work and have fun! The best day to discover the modern, bright, rich, energetic and diverse Tatarstan is on 30 August. The day in which the capital of Tatarstan celebrates its holiday – a city with a thousand-year history Kazan!

    This remarkable holiday has special importance for the residents of the republic and its capital, because all regardless of age, profession and interests are being united this day by love for their native city and republic.

    Annually on this day the large-scale celebrations in honor of the capital of Tatarstan take place. Every visitor of the capital will be amazed by a rich schedule of cultural and sports events.

    Traditionally, the main areas of the festival are the Millenium (Tysyacheletia) Square, the territory near the family center «Kazan», the embankment of the Kazanka River and the square in front of the Agricultural Palace.

    On dozens of venues throughout the city the concerts, competitions and colorful performances take place.

    The national flavor of the Tatar people can be felt at the traditional equestrian festival at the Kazan Hippodrome or at the Folk Art Festival in Staro-Tatar Sloboda.

    A spectacular performance under the dazzling white walls of the Kazan Kremlin takes place on the Millennium (Tysyacheletia) Square – Kazan City Racing auto-moto show.

    For lovers of classical events, it will be an unforgettable event to attend the evening opera festival under the open sky “Kazan Autumn” with participation of the State Symphony Orchestra of Tatarstan.

    The culmination point in the whole variety of festive events on this day, according to tradition, is a festive salute over the Kazanka River’ water area.

    Tatarstan is more than the East, more than the West. More than the past or the future. Tatarstan is a special phenomenon with its unique character, which is loved and known all over the world!

    Welcome to Kazan! Welcome to Tatarstan!


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