1. In Gelendzhik has completed its work GMP the II all-Russian conference with international participation. The final day of the event was practical and offered the participants a large number of seminars. At the same time there were 3 sections, each of which focused on a certain category of professionals: managers, HR professionals, personnel responsible businesses.

    CEOs discussed strategies and tactics in the single pharmaceutical market of the EEU HR professionals – best practices in the field of training and development farmpersonal. The participants in the third section of the simulated inspections. Specialists of the State Institute for drugs and good practices presented the key trends on the basis of inspection of manufacturers, principles of classification inconsistencies from the point of view of documents of the Russian Federation and international experience.

    Representatives of the company “R-Pharm” touched on the topic of integrity, which is an important quality aspect that requires close attention by the manufacturers of medicines. To succeed in ensuring data integrity requires the active participation of leadership, creating a culture of openness staff, that initially needs to be included orientation to the philosophy of quality, – said Director of JSC “R-Pharm” Tatiana vyazmina.

    About his experience of the GMP certification, said the company “Akrikhin”, which works in strategic partnership with the Polish manufacturer Polpharma. According to the Director of quality Akrikhin Olga Maklakova, the secret of success completed certification in close cooperation of the company representative and manufacturer, compliance with deadlines, professional communication on.

    “We, as parseobject should be proud that we have a Russian Inspectorate – said Olga Maklakova. – I note a very positive point – the inspectors provide feedback immediately after the inspection, we can quickly start working on them.”

    In the opinion of management of the company, which became the partner of this session, the decision of problems of increase of competitiveness of Russian manufacturing, import substitution, export development is impossible without a balanced and professional dialogue involving the regulator, industry associations, manufacturers and leading experts. The platform for such communication became the second all-Russian conference of GMP. The event was an opportunity to discuss practical issues arising in the process of implementing the rules of good practices, better understanding of certification, participants of the conference.


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