WERTEKS produce affordable remedies and implement innovative developments. In the company’s portfolio there are preparations with original compositions and generics for a wide area of use, and are also cosmetic products and vitamin complexes.

Today in WERTEKS’ portfolio there are 360 items, including 6 original combined preparations to be applied in dermatology, gynecology, cardiology, otolaryngology, SARS and flu, cosmetics and BAA items. The main range of the company includes about 270 SKUs of pharmaceuticals.

WERTEKS is the first resident of SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Saint-Petersburg, which has implemented the first stage of the plant on Novoorlovskaya site and began remedies production in 2015.

In 2019 WERTEKS fully put the pharmaceutical complex with a total area 56,500 m², taking into consideration the second (~7,300 m²) and third (28,000+ m²) stages. The plant includes full production cycle from development to product packaging.

The backbone enterprise of St. Petersburg and Russia, 2020.

# 1:

  • in terms of market shareamong Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in the pharmacy market of antibiotics in the Russian Federation, which are recommended by the Ministry of Health of Russia in case of complications associated with COVID-19 (data from AlphaRM, Q1-Q3 2020 in value terms);
  • for the increase in sales in pharmacies among top-20 pharmaceutical manufacturers
    of the Russian Federation (2022, data provided by the marketing agency DSM Group).

Integrated quality system is based on a process approach and risk-based thinking following the requirements of national and international standards of GMP, GDP, GVP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 4500. The evolution and improvement of the system’s quality never stop. Its constant improvement is one of the main tasks of the company.

70+ thousand pharmacies with the company’s products in the Russian Federation, a number of CIS countries, Mongolia.
1990+ company employees.
Winner of the Russian Government Quality Award, 2017.


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