The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation together with the «State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices».

Over the past years, representatives of the world pharmaceutical community from Russia, the USA, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, the Great Britain, Cuba, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Brazil, Slovenia and other countries took part in the Conference.

Partners of the Conference are the largest Russian and international companies, leading industry publishers and professional communities.

Each year, the event takes place in a new region of Russia, which helps the organizers to demonstrate the best practices in various parts of the country, and the participants to get acquainted with the regional aspect of the organization of the healthcare system and medicines supply.

Welcome address of Vladislav Shestakov for the attendees and guests at the 9th Edition of the Pan-Russian GMP Conference

Dear colleagues, partners, attendees and guests of the 9th GMP Conference with International Engagement,

On behalf of the FSI «State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices» of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, co-organizer of one of the key events of the year in the field of good practices, let me welcome you to the 9th Pan-Russian GMP Conference!

This year, we are meeting in the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa, one of Russia’s largest cities and a major center for industry, science, education, and culture. Production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices has been actively developing in Bashkortostan, including the implementation of import substitution programs during the manufacturing of raw materials, used for packaging pharmaceuticals and medical devices. There is also a number of large pharmaceutical companies located in the region.

Today, the GMP conference is more than an industry event. This is a system-based project designed to develop good practices not only in our country, but also worldwide. The unfailing interest in this event shown by foreign partners, the growing number of foreign attendees and the expansion of the geographical coverage of the conference demonstrate that this platform has become important for the entire pharmaceutical network. This means that the path we have chosen, aimed at dialogue, harmonization and convergence, is the right one. Practicing openness with our partners allows us not only to confirm a high level of professionalism, but to exchange experiences and increase confidence in the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

This time, the conference agenda will include a discussion of the most pressing topics and current trends in industry development both inside and outside Russia. Representatives of Russian and foreign regulatory authorities and leading industry experts will focus on a number of issues of most interest to the industry, particularly, the production of pharmaceuticals, including, most certainly, legislative and regulatory practices in drug manufacturing, interdepartmental interaction and harmonization of GMP rules of the EAEU member states and other countries, aspects of various forms of entry into new foreign markets available to the Russian manufacturers.

This year, the attendees will be engaged in both traditional and new interactive forms of collaboration, including case studies, business simulation games and open international dialogue between all key industry participants.

I am positive that this year the 9th Edition of the Pan-Russian GMP Conference will not only serve as a platform for discussing crucial and topical issues related to industry development, working out consolidated and systemic solutions, but also a place for partner and friendly meetings, and an opportunity to experience the rich culture of Bashkortostan.

I invite you to attend the 9th Pan-Russian GMP Conference and wish everyone a fruitful conference!




Ufa, Toratau Congress Hall

Zaki Validi str., 2