Teva’s operations in Russia testify to the company’s attentive and responsible approach to all of the 60 markets in which it is active. This approach is a key element of Teva’s mission to provide patients around the world with high-quality accessible medicine. Russia has been included on Teva’s list of investment priorities.

Opening opportunities for affordable health – that’s Teva’s purpose. Over 25 years Teva has been opening up opportunities that afford people access to quality medicines, advanced solutions and the information they need to manage their health. For this, Teva has set on an innovative path towards development; the company’s activities are not limited to medicine manufacturing, but also to helping people take care of their health and that of their loved ones.

Teva began operating in Russia in 1995 and today it is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Russian market with a portfolio of over 300 products.


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