September 20-22, in the city of Yaroslavl for the Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster will be held I all-Russian GMP conference

September 20-22, in the city of Yaroslavl for the Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster will be held I all-Russian conference of GMP.
the event is organized by the Ministry of industry and trade and the Federal budgetary organization “State Institute of drugs and good practices”, with the participation of enterprises of the Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster and of the Association of modern pharmaceutical industry and innovative medicine of the Yaroslavl region.The conference aims to create an open discussion platform to exchange experiences and discuss practical issues arising in the process of implementing the rules of good practices between participants of the Russian pharmaceutical market, authorities, professional associations and communities.
One of the important problems to be solved by the conference – ensuring maximum openness and transparency in relation to the requirements of good manufacturing practices, applied aspects of its implementation, preparation for inspection for compliance with GMP.

First national GMP, the conference will bring together leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry, representatives of state authorities, heads and specialists of pharmaceutical companies, representatives of associations, medical and patient communities, experts in education and training the pharmaceutical industry.

the the conference is invited to discuss the following key topics:


  • Potential and investment attractiveness of the region for the industry.
  • the

  • evaluate the current status of the implementation of GMP, specifics, difficulties, solutions.
  • the course of the inspection, the key inconsistencies, the recommendations from the Inspectorate.


  • Training of personnel reserves in the industry, the implementation of the principle of continuous training of pharmaceutical employees: professional and educational standards, approaches to the construction of programs of additional education, use of new media and technology in education.
  • the

  • Cooperation “producer – doctor – patient”, ensuring high standards of quality in the production of Russian medicines.
  • the

  • Normative-legal regulation in the field of good practices.
  • Interagency cooperation in quality assurance of medicines.

The conference program includes acquaintance with the work of leading companies in the industry and visiting their production sites, and conducting additional educational module with GMP certificate.
Prepared by the press service of the Centre for corporate communications S-GROUP, technical organizer of the conference.