Association of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Panel Discussion

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16:20 - 18:00

Parallel event, Hall № 3

GMP for Animal Health Industry: Trends and Prospects

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Questions and topics for discussion:
•Inspection mechanism: legal innovations
•Status and prospects of inspections: the perspective of the EAEU, inspection authorities, and business community
•International experience: current approaches to GMP and avenues for further cooperation
•Technical aspects of GMP inspections: explanations and recommendations by national inspection authorities

The Session Partner: AVPHARM



Vladimir Subbotin

Deputy Director of the Department for Sanitary, Phytosanitary and Veterinary Measures, Eurasian Economic Commission

Natalia Chadova

Yuri Yeryomin

Head of the Inspection Authority, Federal State Institution “The Russian State Centre for Animal Feed and Drug Standartisation and Quality”

Natalia Chadova

Vadim Shut

Deputy Director, Head of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of Belarusian State Veterinary Centre, Head of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

Natalia Chadova

Natalia Popova

Head of the Department of Medicines Manufacturing Inspection of the FSI “SID and GP”

Natalia Chadova

Emmanuelle Motte

GMP expert for veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers, HealthforAnimals

Natalia Chadova

Semyon Zhavoronkov

Managing Director, Association of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AVPHARM)

Natalia Chadova

Timur Chibilyaev

Executive Director, Association for Assistance to the Veterinary Affairs Promotion “National Veterinary Association”

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