Greetings from Lars Nielsen, general manager, Roche-Moscow, JSC to the participants of the 4th All-Russian gmp conference

Dear Colleagues! High-quality, effective and safe medicines are an important element of a sustainable healthcare system.

Consumers expect that each series, each package of a medicine, whether it is produced in Russia or abroad, at a factory of originator or contract manufacturer, meets all applicable standards and requirements throughout its life cycle.

For a global company operating in more than 100 countries, like Roche, standardization and harmonization in the field of development, production and distribution ensures that the quality of products is maintained all the way to the consumer.

In this context, the selection of reliable partners is becoming a priority. Since 2008, we have been successfully cooperating to bring the production of our products to Russia, supporting the state strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. At our partners’ facilities, various phases of production of 15 Roche medicines are carried out. They all indented for the treatment of diseases of high social significance, including cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Today we are opening a new chapter in partnership with the Russian companies and preparing to launch the process of localization of our two latest products for the treatment of hemophilia and multiple sclerosis, which have no analogues on the world market. This is a huge responsibility to patients, their families, healthcare providers, the public and the state.

Roche is pleased to be a strategic partner of the IV All-Russian GMP Conference and to contribute to the discussion of key issues in the development of the pharmaceutical health sector, such as improving the quality of products and providing patients with effective and safe innovative medicines.

I wish all the participants interesting and productive work.

Lars Nielsen
General Manager
Roсhe-Moscow, JSC