Director Shestakov welcomes participants of the IV All-Russia GMP Conference

Welcome to all the participants of the IV All-Russia GMP Conference!

Шестаков В.Н.

The annual event to be held in the 3rd quarter of the year – the All-Russia GMP Conference – is not just a good tradition, but indeed an essential practice of the Russian inspectorate to demonstrate its openness to the dialog with drug manufacturers. Every year the event is attended by more and more professionals and experts of the industry, with a greater number of international participants as well. We, as ideologists and founders of the GMP Conference, are pleased to see among the latter our foreign colleagues from the inspectorates.

This year, the venue of the Conference will be in the most remote corner of our country – Kaliningrad region. Even though the venue was selected by voting by attendees of the previous event, I am confident that it is not a mere coincidence that this region has won. As in other cities hosting the GMP Conference, the pharmaceutical industry is very well established here: in the town of Bagrationovsk, there is the very first in Russia private industrial park «Ecobaltic» being very successful, and the basis of it is manufacture of pharmaceutical products and medical devices. One more peculiar feature of the region is the border with the EU, which means efficient export of the products manufactured. On the other hand, this is also additional stress in part of compliance with the GMP requirements not only of Russia, but of the EU as well.

I am sure that, within the very busy agenda of the Conference, these and other relevant topics will be extensively raised in pursuit of the effective development of the pharmaceutical industry.

I wish all the participants of the IV All-Russia GMP-Conference with international participation effective and exciting work, new discoveries and achievements in manufacture and provision of patients with high-quality and efficient medicines.

Best regards,
Director of FSI «SID & GP»
V.N. Shestakov