Director Shestakov welcomes participants of the III All-Russian GMP Conference

Dear participants! On behalf of the State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, it is a special pleasure for me to greet representatives of the pharmaceutical community.

Шестаков В.Н.

Due to increased attention to such a strategic issue as GMP-inspections, this will no doubt become a conference of a great magnitude. Almost 1 000 representatives of different nations plan to honor this professional event which is the record number compared to previous years. Regular pattern of the conference and its increased significance clearly demonstrated the global involvement of all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry, and international solidarity of countries on the way to safety and efficacy of medicines.

The capacity of the Russian pharmaceutical market has boosted in recent years. Now that the domestic market has reached the international level, Russian products and Russian inspectorate are widely known around the world, great efforts have been made to garner international kudos. A new challenge is to hold down the fort and choose an appropriate strategy to win the global market.

Harmonization of mutual recognition rules – as we know – is not a simple task. To succeed in this course, effective integration of trans-border associations cannot be underestimated. Conventions and events like this GMP conference are naturally triggered by globalization of pharmaceutical interests and development of export potential.

I am certain that the busy conference schedule and planned discussions will help develop strategical policies and will produce a favorable impact on entire pharmaceutical industry.