Materials of VII all-Russian GMP-conference

Ashraf Hossain — Challenges of Implementation of Good Pharmacovigilance Practice in Bangladesh Burenkov — Training inspections as a tool for GxP implementation and development Chinara Myrzakmatovna Mambetalieva — Development of the EAEU Common Drug Market as Part of the 2025 Strategic Directions D.A. Rozhdestvensky, PhD. — Overview of Approved Key EEC Measures and Resolutions in the Period of 2021-2022 Delgado J. — Good Distribution Practice New logistics chains, supply chains and sales channels Dmitry Vladimirovich Somov — Tests of medicines upon batch release Features of 2022 Du Zin — Updates of GMP and Related Guidelines in China Elena Borisovna Lavnik — Problematic Issues of Enforcing the EAEU Good Manufacturing Practice when Planning, Organizing, Conducting GMP Inspections, Exchange of Results Gargubi L. — Tunisian Inspection requirements for manufacturing of drugs containing high-potent substances in shared facilities Gegechkori Vladimir — Reference Impurity Standards As An Adequate Approach to Drug Quality Control Gripvash — Elemental impurities. Practical application of ICH Q3D (R2) requirements Hasmik Abrahamyan — Transition from national GMP guidelines to a unified decision of the EAEU № 77: experience in passing audits Kedrin — Resolution Krasheninnikov A.E. — Regulatory features of the drug safety monitoring system in the context of geopolitical change Luborich M. — GxP implementation in Montenegro – benefits and challenges in post COVID era M.M. Ponomaryova — Good Pharmacy Practice as Basis for Retail Sales and Distribution of Drugs in the Republic of Belarus Makarov V. — Laboratory Stage of the Pharmaceutical Development as the Basis of the Drug Product Quality and Efficacy Mendiola F. — Good Distribution Practices (GDP inspections in the Philippines) Musaeva — Registration of Medicines in the Kyrgyz Republic N.T. Abdyrasulova — Import of Medicines. Responsibility Nataliya Popova — Main Stages of Pharmaceutical Inspection of Manufacture of Medicinal Products for Human Use Ozul Filiz — Quality at all stages of drug production and at every stage of drug development Türkiye Medicines and Medical Devices Agency's view Ph. Mahmoud Al Qawasmeh — The Role of JFDA in Ensuring the Quality and Efficacy of Medicines in Jordan Market Puvan Deon — Unifying effects of an internationally-aligned local GCP standard Sottaeva M. — MUTUAL RECOGNITION OF GMP CERTIFICATES IN THE EAEU T.L. Tumelya — Problematic Issues of Drug Quality Control during Registration in the EAEU Tatyana Ivanovna Sitko — Topic: Experience in the Implementation of the Good Distribution Practice of the Eurasian Economic Union in the Republic of Belarus Victoria Presnyakova — Format and Development of Pharmacy Inspectorate and GPP Practices in the Modern Russian Realities Zh. Ordabekova — Transition to Supranational System of Inspection. Experience of the Republic of Kazakhstan