This year’s Conference will be held under the motto «Good Practices: Bringing Industry and World Together.»

Key topics of the Conference in 2019:

  • Contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the modern development of the state economy
  • Global GMP trends
  • GMP and Pharmacopoeia. Harmonization of basic regulator’ tools
  • GMP Inspection
  • Pharmaceutical engineering. Integration, development of common rules and approaches
  • Medicines labeling
  • Current issues of production of certain groups of medicines
  • Export and priority regions. Tools of regulators and the industry
  • Single market of the EAEU countries: the present and the future of mutual trade
  • Principles of organization of the pharmacovigilance system by the medicines’ manufacturer
  • Modernization of the pharmaceutical sector of the healthcare system at the regional level. Features of the medicines supply system in the regions of Russia