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JSC «Tatchempharmpreparaty»
JSC «Tatchempharmpreparaty»

Belomorskaya str. 260, 420091 Kazan, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (843) 526-98-88

E-mail: marketing@tatpharm.ru


JSC «Tatchempharmpreparaty» is a system-forming Russian high-tech pharmaceutical production complex.

The main objective of the company is to cover the needs of the Russian population in the most important medicines and medical products.

The company’s portfolio includes more than 130 drugs and medical products of the main pharmacotherapeutic directions:

  • cardiologies,
  • neurologies,
  • ophthalmologies,
  • disease infections,
  • pediatric,
  • oncology,
  • surgery

These are original and reproduced medicines and medical products, as well as innovative drugs to combat diseases that are difficult to cure in Russia and have great social significance.

About 60% of the products are import-substituting, and for the production of suture surgical material ketgut JSC “Tatchempharmpreparaty” is the only manufacturer of the full cycle in Russia and CIS countries.

Now the company is at the stage of large-scale investment projects to create a high-tech production base in the framework of the state strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical industry until 2020. Tablet production, designed and built in accordance with the requirements of GMP EU, was put into operation. A project to create a new production of sterile eye forms and external ointments and gels with a capacity of 20 million packages per year has been implemented.

The main priority of its activities JSC “Tatchempharmpreparaty” considers the care of consumers, so the company maintains strict control over the quality and safety of its products. The company’s testing laboratory is equipped with modern analytical equipment. The quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9000 series, which the company introduced the first Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, back in 2001, provides high quality products and efficiency of the production process.

Products of JSC “Tatchempharmpreparaty” are known to a wide range of consumers, which allowed deservedly to take a leading position in the market of medicines in Russia and CIS countries. According to the analytical company DSM Group, the company is among the TOP 10 largest manufacturers of medicines in terms of sales in real terms in the pharmacy segment of the pharmaceutical market, and among domestic producers ranks 5th in this ranking. Strong and trustful relations built with partners allow us to work even with the most remote regions of the Russian Federation, as well as with the CIS countries.

Specialists of the enterprise together with research institutes, including the Institute of organic and physical chemistry. A. E. Arbuzova is actively working to improve the technological processes of production, the development of new methods of chemical analysis, which allows to expand the range of products and to introduce new dosage forms into production. Together with the Institute of organic and physical chemistry. A. E. Arbuzov designed and produced drugs such as dimephosphone, glycitin, xymedon.