Всероссийская GMP-конференция | Materials of IV GMP-conferemce
Materials of IV GMP-conferemce
September 23. First day
September 24. Second day
Modernization of the pharmaceutical healthcare sector on a regional level. Particularities of the drug supply system in Russia’s regions
Ekaterina Zadonskaya – Intermediate results of Purchasing campaign 2018-1st half of 2019
Principles of organization of the pharmacovigilance system by a medicines manufacturer. The results of two years operation of pharmaceutical companies in the GVP system
Principles of Pharmacovigilance system introduced by a manufacturer of medicinal products. A summary of two-year performance of pharmaceutical GVP system
Confirmation of conformity with GMP as part of the transition to the single market
Boris Pleten – Confirmation of GMP compliance: Practical experience
September 25. Third day