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Speakers presentations
Presentations «GMP: inspection»

Kathrin Abelein – «Hosting Inspections from foreign countries»

Arkhipova N. – The order of formation documents

Vyazmina T. – «Best practices – requirements and recommendations»

John van Erp – «Creating a quality culture through compliance and continuous improvement»

Maklakova O. – «The Possibility of combining the production of standard products and highly – border decision-making»

Orlov V. A. – «An overview of the main innovations in the EU GMP as of September 2016 (in comparison with current Regulations of good manufacturing practices of the Russian Federation)»

Orlov V. – «The Main trends in the field of GMP inspection the results of the joint work of the countries participating in PIC/S in 2016»

Sottaeva M. – «Approaches to inspection – the procedure for inspection. The classification of disabilities and their definitions. Typical comments»

Shmakov E. – Expert support in the process of creating production sites

Presentation «Training»

Apazov A. – «Professional standards as the basis of formation of programs of additional professional education»

Loshakov L. – «Educational center: purpose, objectives and fundamentals of activities»

Novikov I. – «Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster»

Novichkova N. – «Educational center for appropriate practices: purpose, objectives, basic provisions»

Semenov I. – «Training in R-Pharm»

Solovyov E. – «Social educational projects Takeda company in Yaroslavl»

Titova L. – «GMP: training»